by Avtar Khalsa

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A musical tribute to a well-loved Flagstaff cafe. MartAnne's is the breakfast restaurant of choice for river runners, writers, musicians, artists of every stripe, and hippies of all ages. The song was written in MartAnne's on the leading edge of The Great Recession, back when MartAnne's was just a little hole-in-the-wall on North San Francisco Street. It has recently moved to larger digs around the corner on Route 66, but it's still the best breakfast in town.


I been up and down that highway
‘bout as far as I could go
From LA to Atlanta
Montana to Mexico
Maine to the streets of Bakersfield
Kauai to Key West
But when I want some breakfast
I go to the place that’s best

I’ve been to the Flying Biscuit
It’s the best food in South
And there’s a little place up in Telluride
Where the cakes melt in your mouth
At West of the Moon in Hanalei
the home fries can’t be beat
but for huevos and enchiladas
I head for San Francisco Street

Tell Tina and Emma to save me a spot
Somewhere in the rear
I’ll be on my way as soon as
I get out of here
Tell Anne I want my usual
She’s a woman who understands
That’s why I’m headed for MartAnne’s

I don’t want to eat my breakfast
at some heartburn factory
and restaurant chains are all the same
It’s dull consistency
I don’t want to die from donuts
from some convenience store
I want to go to the place where they know my name
when I walk in the door

Tell Tina and Emma to save me a spot
Somewhere in the rear
I’ll be on my way as soon as
I get out of here
Emma’s artwork is on the wall
I’m one of her biggest fans
That’s why I’m going to MartAnne’s

Yeah it’s just a little hole in the wall
But when I make breakfast plans
I plan on eating at MartAnne’s


released November 21, 2013
Vocals and guitar by Avtar Khalsa.




Avtar Khalsa Flagstaff, Arizona

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